Butter biscuits Nutty with Hazelnut


Butter biscuits are made from wheat flour with the addition of hazelnut, butter, honey, etc. It is baked hand made according to the recipe of 1960-ies.

Ingredients: straight white wheat flour, sugar, crushed hazelnut kernels, sweet cream butter, honey, egg products, whole milk powder, vanilla powder (sugar, flavoring agent: Vanillin, plant extract: Vanilla Extract), baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate). May contain traces of peanuts.

100 g of the product contains (average values): protein – 8.5 g, fat – 19 g, carbohydrate – 63 g, average energy value per 100 g of product – 470/1970 kcal/kJ.

Package weight:

220 g

sold by weight

Shelf life:

8 months

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