About biscuits

Factory "Slodych" is the most famous Belarusian producer of biscuits.

We produce a huge assortment - more than 100 types of products.

Let's examine the pecularities of different types of biscuits.

Sugar biscuits are the most popular, it is sweet and crispy. Today we bake sugar biscuits in a large assortment: with peanuts and raisins, coconut and chocolate, with a taste of caramel and baked milk.

Production technology of sugar biscuits is rather simple. First of all the dough is prepared and mixed, then it is rolled out and formed. After that, preformed dough passes through the ovens, turning into crispy biscuits that are cooled and packed in containers. Note that all the production stages are made on the conveyor automatically without human intervention, a specialist just controls the process.

Pecularity of sugar biscuits is in its high content of sugar and fat. In addition, it can be distinguished by its appearance. If the biscuit has any graphic or a complex relief decoration, be sure it is sugar biscuits, since no other class of cookies would make such biscuits. The dough of the hard biscuits is too elastic, and of butter biscuts - crispy.

"Slodych" is also a large assortment of hard biscuits and crackers. It is less brittle and contains less sugar.

Speciality of production technology is 8 multiple layering of dough sheets on each other. After this test weight calibration and molding are made.

Hard biscuits as opposed to sugar cookies contain less sugar and fat. To many it may be known under the name of "Marièrta" by “Slodych”. The dough used for making of hard biscuits is layered, less brittle. It is impossible to apply any graphic on it. As a rule, such biscuits are made with points, or with light patterns and inscriptions. Hard biscuits humidity is almost in 1.5 times more than sugar biscuits and sugar content almost in 2 times less. The differences are clearer if we give an example: if we deep hard biscuit into cold water and wait until it begins to dissolve it will take longer time than it happens with sugar biscuits.

Butter biscuits can boast of a diversity of types and forms. But the main thing is that it tastes like homemade buiscuits, which we remember from childhood.

The dough used for making this type of biscuits does not have a clear formulation. So butter biscuits can be shortbread, puff pastry, whipped or oat. By the way, both in taste and in appearance butter biscuits are very reminiscent of homemade baking. For example, biscuits “For Afternoon”. The production technology is also varied - some types are made similarly to sugar biscuits. And some kinds we produce manually, carefully preserving the recipes of the last century, so you can enjoy the taste of biscuits made as “at home, for ourselves".

We are constantly experimenting, creating new products that will give you joy.