16 September 2020

The new sugar-free biscuits “Lapushka” are the best choice for children!

Растворимое печенье Лапушка без сахара

Every parent knows that sugar is bad for children. It turns out, not only because sweet things harm the teeth. Surplus of refined sugar depresses the immune system, reduces the activity of antibodies that fight infections. And every piece of food in the diet should be useful and adapted for the baby.

Why do babies need biscuits?

1. Biscuits are part of the diet that contains cereal and serves as a continuation of the main complementary feeding;

2. Dietary fiber is necessary for regular bowel movement.

3. Development of fine motor skills and chewing skills.

Biscuits “Lapushka” can be given to babies older than 6 months in a dry form or dissolved with warm milk, tea or water. Later, from the moment when the child has teeth, the same biscuits can be given to the baby without prior dissolving.

Biscuits are an innovative product developed jointly with the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus specifically for baby feeding taking the peculiarities of the baby's digestion into account:

- Sugar-free;

- Without palm oil;

- Non-GMO;

- Without colorants and preservatives;

- Made from specially selected raw materials;

- Subjected to thorough hygienic control before released.