1 July 2021

On July 1, the Confectionery Factory Slodych opened a new branch for the production of sweets in Ivenets.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus A. M. Subbotin, Chairman of the “Belgospischeprom” concern A. A. Buben, Deputy Chairman of Minsk Region

 Executive Committee D. N. Kurlenko, Chairman of Volozhin District Executive Committee E. M. Krukovich were invited to this important event.

By tradition, we met the guests with a delicious loaf.

CEO A. G. Nechai and the guests cut the red ribbon in a solemn atmosphere.

Перерезание ленточки Ивенец

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus A.M. Subbotin handed the CEO a symbolic key to the new branch.

Ключ Ивенец

After the grand opening, a presentation of the development of the Confectionery factory “Slodych” and its Ivenets branch was held.

Презентация Ивенец

After that the CEO A. G. Nechay gave a tour of the Ivenets confectionary and tasted products.

Экскурсия Ивенец

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