16 June 2021

OJSC «Confectionery Factory «Slodych» acquired the property complex in the c.v. Ivenets - the former Confectionery factory «Ivkon», In December 2020; which received the status of the Ivenets branch of the OJSC «Confectionery Factory «Slodych» in March of the current year.

The Ivenets branch production equipment of the OJSC «Confectionery factory «Slodych» allows us to produce milky, jellies, fondant, souffle sweets, caramel and other types of sweets.

Конфета Коровка Слодыч

First of all, we revived the Ivenets Confectionery factory legend – «Korovka» – that one, adorable by all of us milk sweet with the liquid center.

Конфета молочный десерт Completely new in the assortment of the enterprise milk sweets with filling – «Milk dessert».

The third type of sweets are caramel sweets. The line is presented with 4 classic tastes, familiar since childhood: «Vzletnaya» «Teatralnaya», «With barbaris taste», «With taste of pear».

Карамель ВзлетнаяКарамель Со вкусом БарбарисаКарамель со вкусом грушиКарамель Театральная

At the moment we received all permits necessary to please you with sweet novelties in trading facilities.

View The Declaration of Conformity
View The Declaration of Conformity

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