Renovation of cracker line.

10 January 2015

OJSC "Confectionery factory "Slodych" restarts the cracker line. Changes have been made not only for the range of tastes, but also for the organoleptic characteristics and appearance of the product, for the package and its weight. These are the first major changes that occurred in the line of cracker "Slodych" over the past few years.

The main innovation is the refusal of usage of palm oil having an ambiguous reputation. Now all the crackers "Slodych" are made only on the more expensive and safe sunflower oil, which shall increase consumer confidence in product quality "Slodych".

Assortment of crackers was optimized, product line presented by cracker with onion, salt, cheese, bacon and paprika flavor. By changing the shape of the biscuits, cracker bacame more crumbly with “crisp” taste and attractive appearance.

Packaging has also been changed: now it is vertical colorful polypropylene bag of 200 grams with a striking design and a transparent window, which advantageously presents products. The upper part of package, made in one color, with a stylized print and trademark is the common artistic element for all packages of crackers.

A new form of packaging in the form of a vertical bag allows to select and represent a cracker "Slodych" on the shop shelves of any size – from small stores to hypermarkets, and it wilol be easy for a consumer to find cracker with favorite flavor.