Slodych with chocolate


Sugar biscuits of a rectangular form are made from prime quality wheat flour with the addition of sugar powder, dried milk, pieces of chocolate.

Ingredients: wheat flour, margarine (A: refined deodorized vegetable oils, water, iodized boiled edible salt (potassium ferrocyanide anti-caking agent), milk whey powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, antioxidant: citric acid), sugar, preserving agent: potassium sorbate, coloring agent: beta-carotene, flavoring agent, antioxidant: mixture of tocopherols concentrate); B: natural and modified refined deodorized vegetable oils including soya oil, water, emulsifiers: polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, sugar, preserving agent potassium sorbate, acidity regulator citric acid, flavoring agent, coloring agent beta-carotene, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, alpha tocopherol), sugar, chocolate glaze (drops), (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, soya lecithin emulsifier, "Vanilla" flavoring, invert syrup, vanilla powder, (sugar, "Vanilla" flavorant, “Vanilla extract” vegetable extract), milk whey powder, egg products, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), iodized boiled edible salt (potassium iodate, anti-caking agent potassium ferrocyanide), sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate emulsifier. May contain traces of peanuts, sesame, honey. Letter code is in front of the date of manufacture.

100 g of product contains (average values): proteins - 8,0 g, fat - 15 g, carbohydrates - 67 g. Energy value (average value) per 100 g of the product kcal / kJ - 440/1840.

Package weight:

390 g

sold by weight

Shelf life:

10 months

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